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Residential Architecture

Residential - House Nell

The long, narrow stand with extensive views at the back led to a linear, open plan building. A facebrick wall leads, and draws you in towards the front door, continuing like a spine through the house, and finally leading you outside again – towards the views. This axis through the house draws the eye to the landscape, and divides the house into the living and private areas.

Positioning of windows throughout the house is used to frame views of the landscape and the town, whereas high windows provide privacy, while still allowing views of the sky. Sliding, timber lattice screens filter the harsh summer sun throughout the house and additionally provide privacy and security.

The off-shutter concrete slabs, grano floors, thick granite work tops and facebrick walls provides for a clean and minimalist backdrop. This honesty in the application of materials and structure makes for an unadorned design which is complemented and accentuated by the creative use of colour and lighting.

Photographers: Derek & Chris Fourie-Lipman

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